Download Mini Militia v7.69

Mini MilitiaA large number of shooting games are available in the Google Play Store which can be downloaded for free. Mini Militia is one such shooting genre game that was developed and launched by App Somniacs LLC. It is free to play 2D game that was initially released for IoS devices in the year 2011. Later on in the year 2015, the game eas also released for Android devices. It was listed as one of the top games on the Indian Apple App Store in the year 2017.

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Download Mini Militia v7.64

Mini MilitiaAs all the games are now available in video games by which I mean the games we once played physically now can be played on devices and not only the games which we were able to play are available these days but also those games which we never thought of playing physically are now available in video games and one of those games is Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is a free to
play two dimension shooter game which was released by iOS and Android devices. The game was listed in the top list of all the Indian Apple app store last year.

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Download Mini Militia v7.62

Mini MilitiaThere are many games which are coming out these days and one of them is Mini Militia. Isn’t it quite interesting! The name itself has got a kind of kick that we find in every game these days. If you really want to play something thrilling do play this game. It is highly recommended. Talking about this game, it provides you two modes and it also trains you. So in this game mode, the player gets training at Officer Candidate school by a trainer named Sarge. It teaches the basics of movements, control and weapon usage with some targets and use of robots.

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Download Mini Militia v7.60

Mini MilitiaIf you are into shooter games and is in the mood to have a little quality time with your buddies and making new friends, then Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is the best game for you. It’s a free-to-play 2D shooter game developed for the iOS and Android users. It was one of the top games in 2017 and almost everyone including kids, teenagers and youngsters showed a surplus addiction towards it. It can be played in both single player as well as multiplayer modes. It also comes with two additional modes called training and survival modes. These are mostly single player modes where you don’t require any internet or Wi-Fi connections. These help to understand the features of the game and makes you compact ready. In multiplayer mode, you can use an internet connection to play with players worldwide and can use a Wi-Fi to connect with your friends within a small area around you. The unique concept and amazing graphics made Mini Militia a popular game.

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Download Mini Militia v7.53

Mini MilitiaMini militia is an extremely popular new age video game. It was first released in the year 2011. It was developed by the famous company Appsomaniacs LLC. It was brought forth as a result of the creator’s desire to generate something lightweight out of a collaborative effort with friends. This two-dimensional game is a free to play game, meaning the user has full access to each and every feature without having to pay anything. It is in no way influenced by the initial content released by the company. Formally known as Doodle Army 2-Mini Militia, this game was initially released for iOS devices in 2011, in the month of April. The game was released for Android devices in March 2015. It is a 2-D shooter game and is thoroughly enjoyable.

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