Download Mini Militia v4.0.42

Mini MilitiaMini Militia is one of the best action game for android. It is an unlimited fun game and networking with other players. It is one of the most addictive multiplayer game. Im this game you have to face your enemy or opponent across the world. You play the whole game with the help of two sticks the virtual which is on the left with help you to move your character and the second one is aiming that is on the right and help you to shoot your enemies, but you don’t need to worry about your aiming it will automatically start once you target your opponent. You have to keep on moving forward and fight with your opponent to succeed, the more you will succeed the more you will get points and weapons that will be helpful while shooting your enemies. It is a very interesting game, just plug into it whenever you are bored and you’ll surely have the best time.

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Download Mini Militia v4.0.36

Mini MilitiaAre you a action game lover? Then you would like Mini Militia game definitely. This is an action games where multiple soldiers team battle with each other, and the most powerful and best one wins the game. Interesting isn’t it? The game is quite popular in the action fans. It allows the users to use two sticks, of which the first one is used for shooting and second you can use to move. The game has customisation options as well.

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Download Mini Militia v4.0.11

Mini MilitiaMini Militia is a powerful 2D game. It is a multiplayer game, in this game you have to face your opponents all across the world. This game is absolutely challenging, it needs concentration to win the difficult battles. Around 12 people can connect and play easily on Wi-Fi. It has two sticks to play one is the aiming stick and the other is the virtual stick, the aiming stick is on the right side whereas the virtual stick is provided at the left of the screen, with the help of this you can move your character. And about the aiming you don’t have to continuously click on the button, you just need to point your target and the weapons will shoot automatically. You need to have enough time to complete this game as the levels are very wide as you have many space to hide yourself from the enemies and also it provide you interesting weapons and grenades in each level so that you keep on fighting in order to win. With some pretty basic visual and fun battles, this games catches all hearts and you would also love this. Just give it a try.

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Download Mini Militia v2.2.107

Mini MilitiaMini Militia 2.2.107 is a game that gives you a great gaming time. The game is adventurous, where different armies will battle and the best survivor will win the game. It has two virtual joysticks for controlling it. One is to move the player and second one is to shoot the enemies. With lots of action game has managed to maintain the excitement level of players. It is a multiplayer game where you can play with players of the world.

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