Download Mini Militia v4.3.8

The free 2D shooter game was released for iOS and Android devices on April Mini Militia5, 2011, and March 18, 2015, respectively. From the time of release, until now, the game has earned a lot of popularity among the youth of the world. The game is not only addictive but also provides certain features that engage the gamers to play more. With each update of the game, mini militia has improved a lot in the field of removing bugs, graphics, sounds and has even added many new features. What are the new features?

Features of Mini Militia v4.3.8

● With the new update, the gamers can now play with up to 6 friends over a normal internet connection and up to 12 over a WiFi.
● It has introduced many new weapons too and even allows the gamers to use
multiple weapons at once.
● Not only multiple usages of weapons, but even the weapons are already on the maximum level when used, by default, due to the new update.
● It is a free application which means that the gamers don’t have to purchase the app or any other in-app purchases.
● With each victory, the players are awarded points by which they can unlock new weapons and new features.
● The new update of the game allows the gamer to zoom in and zoom out which shows the last zoomed deaths.

How to download Mini Militia v4.3.8

You can download this game, Mini Militia for free from the link provided below.  With regular updates, you would be able to enjoy the new features of the game.

Download Mini Militia

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