Download Mini Militia v4.4.3

Mini MilitiaHave you played mini militia yet? If not, then you should try out this game. One of the most trending games in the android devices, mini militia has been on the top since it’s release. The updated version has many amazing features which enable the user to play the game without any bugs or issues. Some of the most amazing features of the new version of the application are as follows.

Features of Mini Militia v4.4.3

● In the new version of the game, the user does not have to reload the weapon
from time to time. The weapon is already set to max level by default.
● In the God Mod version of the game, the users can kill the opponents just by a single shot.
● The new players can easily target their opponents from the red line targeting feature which makes it easier to target an opponent even from a distance.
● The new zoom in feature helps the user to know about the latest deaths in the game.
● The multiplayer feature has improved a lot by which around 12 players can play together.
● The transparent bushes features help the users to locate their enemies hiding in the bush.

How to download Mini Militia v4.4.3

Mini militia is basically a shooter game and is really addictive. You can play this game alone or along with your squad. You can download this game from the link provided below.  if you want to unlock certain features either you have to cross a certain level or you have to pay some amount for the unlocking of the features.

Download Mini Militia

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