Download Mini Militia v5.3

Mini MilitiaMini militia is a Free 2-D shooter game which is released for iOS and Android devices. For iOS, this was released in 2011 and for Android, It is released in 2015. In 2017 it was listed as the top games in the Indian Apple App store. There will be single player mode and multi-player modes.

Features of Mini Militia v5.3

  • In mini militia mod apk reloading of weapons will be done automatically. It will
    automatically do this and save your time to reload your weapons.
  •  Without wasting your time you can kill your opponent within one shot.
  •  Easily users can check the location of the opponents. Irrespective of the weapon that is being used users can zoom of the normal view.
  • If users are unable to find their opponents and have problems in shooting their opponents a red line will exist to target the enemies.
  •  All the powers will be unlocked and users can get them for free of cost.
  •  If the opponents are hiding behind the bushes transparent bushes feature will help you find the opponent by making all the bushes transparent.
  •  Grenades and unlimited bobs will be given to let your opponent down added with custom background music.
  •  Users can also be invisible by using invisible avatar feature which will be difficult for the opponents to find players.
  •  Unlimited health pack and unlimited weapon features are also available.

How to download Mini Militia v5.3?

Enjoy best playing experience. Download and install this by clicking on the link provided.

Download Mini Militia

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