Download Mini Militia v7.35

Mini MilitiaGet ready to train under the Sarge and become the best military official to fight off the evils. The battle is real, the field is real and its time to list down your enemies for the most excruciating fight ever. Addicting yet interesting, this military fashioned game – Mini Militia is a favorite that comes with a number of surprises. It is an intense multiplayer combat with a maximum of 6 players in the game that make use during this fight and the players are intended to have a large number of friends and enemies who can join you with the help of WIFI making it the perfect game to play with an entire group of friends. Presented by Doodle Army 2, Mini Militia has a number of levels.

Features of Mini Militia v7.35

Let’s look into the various features of the application .-

1. In the initial stage of the game, the players train with Sarge and learn about the skills that will help them survive in the battleground. There is a lot of training provided such as offline training, Co-op and survival modes.
2. There is explosive multiplayer warfare. There are a number of shooting controls like the intuitive dual stick.
3. There are zoom controls and team-based battles.
4. The Mini Militia game is absolutely free and can be accessed by anyone. The premium version is Pro Player Pack that needs to be purchased. There are extra avatar customized items and online weapons such different types of rocket launchers.

How to download Mini Militia v7.35?

Download this application from the link –

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