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Mini MilitiaCome alive in the real-life gaming experience with the popular and lived game, Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia. The game is a real life battlefield dual that the sergeant plays with the training provided by the Sarge, who is the trainer for all the rookies of the game. The game has gained popularity and Is addictive since it included groups and friends to play the game. The game can be played with many friends by selecting a number of friends from the multiplayer section and joining through Wi-Fi. The game is a free to play 2D Shooter game that comes in both single player and multiplayer options. The best part is that the game is absolutely free of cost and has no charges required. Only the Premium Pro Player pack has charges, which comes with its own benefits of new and advanced armaments and different locations.

Features of Mini Militia v7.37

The following are the features of Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia

1. The gaming application is available in both iOS and Android formats.
2. the game has three parts to it – training, survival mode and multiplayer mode.
3. The training section involves the player to get trained by the Sarge. the Sarge teaches the basic movements of control and usage of weapons with targets and use of robots.
4. The survival mode the Sarge brings the player into the battlefield where the player showcases what he or she has learned by defending themselves against robots.
5. The multiplayer mode features internet and Wi-Fi cross-platform connectivity.

How to download Mini Militia v7.37?

To download the application click on the link provided below

Download Mini Militia

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