Download Mini Militia v7.43

Mini MilitiaDoodle Army 2- Mini militia is a free to play game available on IOS and Android. It is 2 Dimensional shooting game developed by Appsomniacs LLC. Mini Militia was initially launched for IOS version and later on as the game gained momentum, it was introduced for Android version as well. In this game player gets training at the beginner level and then the game can be played in either single player or multi-player mode.

Features of Mini Militia v4.73

  • Training- The 4.6 rated game has a feature of providing training to the players in the beginner level. A trainer called Sarage guves training regarding movements, actions and use of weapon. As a result of this feature, users don’t face much issues in the later levels.
  • Avatars Customization- Customizing options are available only in the pro version of the game. Going to the game settings enables players to change the name and appearance of their Avatar. In fact , players can create an avatar of their own choice.
  • Solo Play- The single player mode of Mini Militia enables one player to play the game. After the training level, players are requires to play in a battlefield and combat enemies.
  • Multiplayer with LAN Wifi- The multi player mode in LAN wifi requires playing a Death match. The player is required to act as a host and invite friends to play the game.
  • Gaming Controls- Mini Militia lasts for 6 minutes and 30 seconds approximately. The control are easily understandable. Easy controls allow a wide appeal. Moreover, the game screen also allpws zooming settings.

How to download Mini Militia v7.43? 

The game can be downloaded via following link.

Download Mini Militia

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