Download Mini Militia v7.8

Mini MilitiaNeed a new action game to add in your collection? We would suggest you to get Mini Militia. Why this game? The reason is the fun you will get from playing this amazing action game. It is one of the best action game you would get on the internet. This game is based on the war scene. Here you will play the character of a soldier who would fight for his army. This game would have other player as well playing as part of different armies. It gets opponents for from around the world. 

Features of Mini Militia v7.8

Curious to know the features of this game? Here we have provided them in the below list-

  • This game is available for free. If you want to download and enjoy this game, no fees will be charged for you for this.
  • It has an easy interface which makes it simple for everyone to understand the design of the game.
  • It is a multiplayer game which connects you with other player of different countries.
  • Mini-Militia allows you to customize the weapons your character has, it will add more excitement to the game as all characters would have weapons with different abilities.
  • It gives you two sticks on the screen which you can use to move your character and to shoot other soldiers in the war.

How to download Mini Militia v7.8?

You can download Mini Militia game in very few clicks. We have a download link below, which you can click and add this amazing game in your device’s collection.

Download Mini Militia

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