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Mini MilitiaThe mini militia is a shooting game which was developed by Appsomniacs LLC in the year 2011 for the ios and in the year 2015 for the android mobiles. The game has two modes namely single player mode and multi player mode. Before starting the original game we can also practice in the training mode and develop our shooting skills. The survival mode is also available in the mini militia where the player should survive from the shooting robot enemies by killing them each time they come. The multiplayer mode is the most popular mode in the mini militia game where many people meet across from different parts of the world and play against each other online. The game can also be played by a group of friends by joining in the same LAN network. The players can also form teams and play against other people. The game became very much famous in the world and became the top game in the play store for a period of time.

Features of Mini Militia v7.83

1. The Mini Militia has a survival mode in which a partner player is provided to fight with the enemies.
2. The multiplayer mode gives the option of playing the game with different people of different skills.
3. The game also supports custom avatars with which we can dress as we wish.
4. The zoom in and zoom out feature in the game helps to find the enemies and shoot them.
5. The shield is also available with which we can defend the attacks of the opposition.
6. The grenades and gas bombs are also available to kill the enemies in a fluke.

How to download Mini Militia v7.83?

The game can be downloaded from the following link-

Download Mini Militia

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