Download Mini Militia v7.86

Mini MilitiaAre you a game lover? And want to play something which is pretty exciting and you will not be bored easily? Then I suggest you to go with the game Mini-Militia. It is one of the most popular game and trending game available online and is a multiplayer game and the game supports Android and iOS both type of devices, also the game is available for free if you want to play it in offline mode. Features of the game is listed below:

Features of Mini Militia v7.86

 The game supports online mode so you will be able to play it while online and it introduces you a free battle point so you do not have to wait to buy different armours and other stuffs from store.
 In the game mode, the player gets trained at officer candidate school by a trainer who teaches the basics of movements, control and weapon usage with some targets and use of robots.
 The survival mode is where the trainer wants the player to explore the battlefield where they have to defend themselves from the robots.
 The multiplayer mode supports both internet and Wi-Fi cross platform connectivity.
 The game includes wide range of weapons, maps, and game modes, so you are free to choose any type of map, game mode and weapons you want to play with.
 All the weapons have a feature of 7× scope enabled now.
 You can activate mega killer mode to kill all the enemies at once and the speed health regeneration power will help you to gain health faster than rest.
 The game provides you with unlimited ammunition, and the Re-spawn time is reduced so you can get another life faster than others.

How to download Mini Militia v7.86?

To download the Mini Militia, click on the link given below!

Download Mini Militia

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