Download Mini Militia v4.3.9

Mini MilitiaMini militia is a free 2D multiplayer shooting game. It is one of the most popular multiplayer games among the youth. The players can play both locally and online by using WiFi connection. Mini militia is available for both Android and iOS devices and absolutely free of cost. The game was initially only released for iOS devices but after the huge success of the game, the developers decided to release an Android version of the game too. Mini militia is developed by Appsomniacs LLC and is one of the most popular multiplayer shooting games available for mobile devices. Continue reading “Download Mini Militia v4.3.9”

Download Mini Militia v4.3.8

The free 2D shooter game was released for iOS and Android devices on April Mini Militia5, 2011, and March 18, 2015, respectively. From the time of release, until now, the game has earned a lot of popularity among the youth of the world. The game is not only addictive but also provides certain features that engage the gamers to play more. With each update of the game, mini militia has improved a lot in the field of removing bugs, graphics, sounds and has even added many new features. What are the new features? Continue reading “Download Mini Militia v4.3.8”

Download Mini Militia v4.3.6

Mini MilitiaThe trend of Mini Militia was high in the year 2017-18, and is yet loved by the gamers for its genre. Basically, the game is all about uniting with friends, to shoot down the enemies. It is a multiplayer game, it can be easily played in both android and iOS devices. The rule of the game is simple: one has to start the game, who would be known as the host, while the squad joins in to help in attaining victory.

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Download Mini Militia v4.3.5

Mini MilitiaDo you like playing games on mobile? Well, there are so many games available nowadays and hence, it is difficult to make a choice of what to select and what not. We really can not find a good one among so many. So we try downloading everything and playing it for a while until we find something good. But it is time taking an exhausting task. Right? So what can you do is to trust us and download the game called Mini Militia. Basically, it is an adventure game so if you are an adventure arcade game fan, download it. You will be getting some coins and points everytime you achieve something. The aim is to cover yourself, protect and fight. You will also have to catch all the coins in between which will let you unlock the further versions. Let us read the features now.

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Download Mini Militia v4.3.3

Mini MilitiaDo you want to pass your time with some fun game? Then try Mini Militia game. This game is super fun to play and keeps you around by its actions. This is apt for all the action lovers. It has more than a million fans already around the world which increasing rapidly. The game is about battles between different armies of different countries. The game has good user interface allowing all to play the game easily. You can also customise the game as per your preferences. This game let’s you play with other players too.

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Download Mini Militia v4.2.9

Mini MilitiaMini-Militia most entertaining action game which is loved by millions of people all around the world. It has already attracted many people and still growing rapidly. In this game you can connect with 12 people at a time and enjoy playing it with the people you want. In this game you need to fight with your competitor and you need to concentrate a lot in order to win this game. You will really enjoy this game once you start playing it. This game takes to you some pretty amazing levels, during each level you will get points and weapons. You need to collect more weapons and coin than the other competitors in order to win. These weapons will help you to fight with your opponents. This game is played with the help of two keys – one is virtual by which character is moved and the other one is aiming by which you can shoot them. Mini militia is one of the best multiplayer games, which also has very good controls so that you can enjoy playing your game without any problem. Just Go and download it now to enjoy this amazing game.

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Download Mini Militia v4.2.8

Mini MilitiaMini Militia game is an action game. It is one of the most famous because of its multiplayer mode. This game takes you to another level of gaming, in this game you have to fight against the opponent. You will see a wide levels in this game which you have to play with lots and lots of concentration. It allows you to connect with your friends and also share your score with them. The most exciting things about this game is that you can actually play along 12 people at a time. They offer really pretty amazing battles in this game. As go far in the game, you have to collect the coins and weapons during the game. You can move your character by a virtual stick that is on the left side of the screen and when an opponent comes to fight with you, you can click on the aiming button which is also provided on the screen, once you target your enemies it will automatically start shooting them you don’t need to keep pressing them. As go far you start receiving more coins and weapons that will be very useful to you. At the end, it is a very interesting game that offer you some great levels to play. Just download it now and you will surely love it.

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Download Mini Militia v4.2.6


Mini MilitiaMini militia is a 2D shooter game that is available on Android and iOS. It is developed by appsomaniacs, LLC that was released in 2011. It is available as both single player and multi player. The game is one of the most played games in the world which is considered addictive. It can be used a great time killer and can be played by a large group. The game also contains some great features which distinguishes itself from other mobile games.

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Download Mini Militia v4.2.5

Mini MilitiaMili Militia is a multiplayer game. It is one of the best game to play with your friends. It is a very challenging game, you need to face opponents all around the world. It requires a lot of concentration to play as it has very challenging levels to play. In this game you can also play with twelve peoples at a time over Wi-Fi and enjoy this interesting game. You will also have battles in this game which you have to play and win. The levels are quite wide and time taking so, you need a good amount of time to play this game. As you go far in this game you earn points which you can use to take weapons. And also as you play this game you have to collect the weapon and grenades that you find on your way. Basically it has two sticks with which you have to play, the virtual stick at the left allows you to move the character and the aiming stick helps you to shoot the opponent. With pretty good battles and basic visuals, it is a very interesting game and you will surely love to play.

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Download Mini Militia v4.2.3

Mini MilitiaMini Militia is a game you can play from your smartphone easily. It will be a battle game and will be very adventurous if you play it correctly. It has more than 10 million downloads till now and people all over the world are liking the game very much. For downloading the game, you can refer to this article. Before we proceed, one should know about the game. Let’s read the features.

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