Tips and Tricks for Mini Militia (Part 2)

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Mini Militia is an online and offline 2D shooter, released back in 2011 for iOS and 2015 for Android. According to reports, it was listed as one of the top games in India for the year 2017.

Although the game is pretty simple and easy to play, for new players, it can be hard as they don’t know much about how to play the game. So, Here are some tips and tricks for you while you play Mini Militia!

Tips and Tricks for Mini Militia (Part 2)

1. Ammo Reload Time

One of thing that is very annoying that in close when you are shooting and your ammo runs out then the enemy kills you and it is very annoying, especially for guns that have low ammo capacity.

Therefore, it is important that before you encounter an enemy, make sure that your ammo is fully reloaded and try to aim at the enemy in order to preserve your bullets.

2. Nitro

It is important that you try to main the nitro to full or near to full because when you encounter a powerful enemy and you just don’t have a powerful gun or are out of ammo, then you will be able to run away if you have full nitro. So, keep your nitro around full in order to escape from enemies when needed.

3. Using Bombs and Grenades

Bombs and Grenades are an important part of the game and you should use them carefully. Try to place poison grenades in the area where enemies would spawn and it will kill them automatically.

If they throw a grenade towards you, you can either send it back quickly or run away to save your life.

4. Switch Fist

During an encounter, if both you and your enemy run out of ammo then you should quickly switch over to fists and kill him with your hands.

As he may be busy in reloading, while you can get close to him and kill your enemies with the fists.

5. Suicide

If you don’t want your enemies to have more kills than you, then you should consider committing suicide. 

When your health is running low then it is better to commit suicide instead of being killed as suicide won’t give any kill points to your enemies.

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