Tips and Tricks for Mini Militia (Part 1)

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Mini Militia is an online and offline 2D shooter, released back in 2011 for iOS and 2015 for Android. According to reports, it was listed as one of the top games in India for the year 2017.

Although the game is pretty simple and easy to play, for new players, it can be hard as they don’t know much about how to play the game. So, Here are some tips and tricks for you while you play Mini Militia!

Tips and Tricks for Mini Militia (Part 1)

1. Never Combat with Pros

If you are a newbie or an amateur, then it is best for you that you avoid getting into combat with a pro who has high scores. Pro Players have a lot of experience and for starters, they are hard to beat and it is not an easy thing to combat against them.

If you have some skills then you should try out your luck, but buy a pro pack first in-order to use dual weapons and have a better chance against them.

2. Never Combat with Hackers

Hackers are cowards and they are found in almost every game. They kill the essence of the game and ruin everything. If you combat hackers then you will not enjoy the game and rather you would like to uninstall the game. They are using the hack and have unlimited strength and are hard to kill. It’s better to just avoid combating with them.

3. Choose a Powerful Gun

While combating one of the things that can help you greatly against your rivals is a powerful gun. Always try to choose a powerful gun such as M16, Rocket Launcher or Rifles as they will let you kill the other players in one or two shots.

If you are good at sniping, then it gives you an extra edge.

4. Use a Shield

While in combat, it always a good choice to have something that can protect you from others killing you. When you use a Shield in Mini Militia, it will help you defend against the shooting from your enemies and will help you to survive longer.

A combination of Shield with UZI or Revolver works best.

5. Double Guns

A combination of two guns will help you kill more people in the game and you will have a higher chance of getting a high rank.

One of the best combinations in the game is Shotgun and Sniper. One can help you with a short range, while the latter can help you in the long range.

Rifle and Sniper combination is also very useful. Try picking different combinations and choose which works best for you.

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